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Internship Orientation Process And My Internship - 2204 Words

Introduction The purpose of this report is to give an overall review of my internship during the Spring 2016 semester. I will be discussing the internship orientation process and what I did to prepare for this internship. I will also share about the four primary activities I performed as well as my experiences. The application of technology, sustainable construction and energy and environmental awareness will also be discussed. Communication skill enhancement along with legal and ethical issue awareness are also topics that will be covered. I will also share some of the many lessons I have learned during my internship. Lastly I will discuss my overall assessment of the internship and any recommendations that I may have. Internship Orientation and Preparation For the orientation part of my internship I was required to do some items. First off I looked up all the companies that were going to be at the career fair and picked ten that I was interested in. I then researched those ten companies and found out information about them. Second I was required to attend the career fair. Once I was there I went and spoke with all ten companies that I researched. After I spoke with those companies a few of them were interested in me and called me back for an interview. The interviews went really well and all of them asked me to do a site visit on a certain day but after my site visit with History Maker Homes they offered me and I said yes. I was required to turn in a Master InternshipShow MoreRelatedMy Experience At Wyomissing Home Depot Human Resources Department942 Words   |  4 PagesDuring this internship experience, I have learned many useful skills that have lead me to be the person I wan to be today. From college classes to work experience, I now have the ability to transcend upon internship experiences that can shape my perspective of life. For my last internship, I chose to intern at The Wyomissing Home Depot Human Resources Department. The human resources associates are responsible to maintain a positive work environment among employees. For the most part, human resourcesRead MoreIntern At Anslow Bryant Construction1330 Words   |  6 Pagessummarize my experiences as an intern at Anslow Bryant Construction, Ltd. I will discuss the internship orientation and preparation, activities and experiences, and the application of technology. I will continue on to the energy and environmental awareness, and sustainable construction, and communication shill enhancement. I will conclude this report with legal and ethical issue awareness, lessons learned, and the overall assessment and recommendations of the internship. Internship Orientation and PreparationRead MoreCompletion Education Of Construction Management, And Applied It Towards An Internship1588 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The final internship report is a way to reflect on your overall assessment on how you taken the prior education of construction management, and applied it towards an internship. As well as expressing new experiences that happened during the internship that school courses did not prepare you for or not taught yet. These topics are covered by explaining the primary task that was performed throughout the internship, and how technology was utilized in completing the responsibilities. WhileRead MoreInternship At Metropolitan State University Of Denver1521 Words   |  7 Pagessuch as clinicals, externships, internships, hands-on experience, and so forth, but these terms basically mean the same thing (Makely, 2013). Enrolled as a Health Care Management student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, one of the requirements is to complete a 150 hour internship that is related to health care management. The internship is an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills that I have acquired during the classroom and the online portion of my training, in an actual health careRead MoreMy Past Internship Of Working With History Maker Homes As A Superintendent1527 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction The intent of this report, is to convey a summary of my past internship of working with History Maker Homes as a superintendent. This assignment will include various aspects of my internship from the first hand experiences I have encountered. Topics such as orientation and preparation, experiences, communication enhancement and lessons learned will all be covered in this report. Internship Orientation and Preparation One requirement that I feel should be significantly stressedRead MoreInternship Reflection Essay870 Words   |  4 Pagesthis short internship are ones that I should not have ignored. That includes ideology that social workers should be honest and trustworthy. As I reflected, I have lost my time I considered it not wasted due to the fact I have touched a few lives, while I was there. The main events that happen that seem that I am responsible for that includes an act of God the hurricane. I recalled going to an interview at Recovery First, and I thought the conversation went well and given the internship. I informedRead MoreProject Management Class, Effective Communication1280 Words   |  6 PagesBefore Construction Science students embark on their semester long internship, they are required to complete lower-level courses. This internship has applied to real-world situations the lessons we had learned in class. In my Estimating I and my Estimating II class we learned how to meas ure materials and price them. This was a skill that was applied all throughout my internship as mentioned in the past slides. Per my Project Management class, effective communication was taught. Since I am bilingualRead MoreCareer Within The Sports Management Field1276 Words   |  6 Pagesbecause of my passion for fitness and athletics. My major was first Fitness and Health Promotions before I transferred to the University of Alabama, but I decided to change my major to public relations so I could work within the business aspect of sports. Working in a fast paced environment with a great deal of interaction between various other positions is the perfect career for me and public relations is exactly that. Public relations is defined as a strategic communication process that buildsRead MoreMy Experience As An Intern For The Semester Of Fall1351 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction In this report I will discuss my experience as an intern for the semester of fall, 2015. For the past few months I have partaken in a residential construction internship building custom homes and renovations through a non-profit organization for veterans and the elderly. Internship Orientation and Preparation My internship began on August 17th. Throughout the first 2 weeks there was another intern at the company. Throughout those two weeks the other intern mentored me and gave me adviceRead MoreMy Scholarship and Life Abraod844 Words   |  3 Pagesfellow students of the same age, but from a different culture. When my parents decided to settle down in Colorado during my high school years there was no more visiting museums, going to national parks and doing other field trips to immerse myself educationally and recreationally like I did growing up. A lot of my education in high school was stuck in classrooms reading books and listening to lectures about the world. I felt like my education was going backwards because I did a lot less moving and

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