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Topic Area Management And Marketing In Small And Medium

Topic Area Management And Marketing In Small And Medium Topic Area: Management And Marketing In Small And Medium Enterprise{see Details Below â€" Essay Example > Management and Marketing in Small and medium Enterprise: A Case Study of WB Engineering limited(2006)INTRODUCTIONThe flexible nature of management of small and medium scale firm has made the management style in this structure of organization to be difficult. The structure and the size of resources available to small and medium scale organizations these have jointly constituted a factor that makes the management styles in small firms to be at variance with what is obtainable in large-scale organizations. In the view of Slatter (1992:159) cited Collins Ram, 2003, “managing fast growth in entrepreneurial firms is one of the most difficult challenges that exists”. Owners often struggle to balance the flexibility required to keep pace with customers demands, with the stability needed to provide employees with a sense of continuity and security. Hence management essentially comprises a careful balancing act between strong leadership and decentralized task-oriented management; and p rocesses involving organizational cohesion and those promoting individual responsibility (Collins Ram, 2003). As a small and medium scaled firm expands and begin to transform into a large sized organization there is the need for such transformation to be commensurate to changes in management style that hitherto had being practiced; this need be done so that a lacuna would not be created and a lost of touch and proper control of the expanding resources. There is also the need to be awoken to current trend in our everyday dynamic business environment. The non-adherence to these little but significant facts has rendered many well to do but poorly managed organizations to die a premature death. This write up would be looking at those factors that had imposed the difficulty our case study (WB Engineering Limited) is passing through. And solutions on how to curtail these would be proffered. CONCEPTUALIZATION AND CHARACTERISTICS OF SMALL AND MEDIUM ORGANIZATIONThe term ‘small’ is a relative one it is not absolute. The line separating small from large is in a continuum and an issue that is inevitably arbitrary. According to Odaka Sawai (1999), “small business is a generic concept. Being the antonym of big business, its social significance becomes clearer when placed in the historical context where the latter first appeared in the world economy”. Bolton 1971, cited in Bannock (2005), he identified three characteristics in its economic definitions of a small firm: A small market share, that is not large enough to influence national price or qualities (even though a village shop may be the only one, its prices cannot get too far out of line from those of major national retailers in the nearest town, even though people will pay something for local convenience) Managed in a personalized way: the owner actively participates in all aspects of the business unlike in a large firm where the shareholders and management are usually almost entirely separate. Independ ence or the exercise of ultimate management responsibility. A small subsidiary of a large firm, which has a head office to report to, does not share these characteristics. The above characteristics are usually identified with vast majority of business, which are inherently small in size.

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Being An American Guarantees The Right And Responsibility

Being an American guarantees the right and responsibility of having Health Insurance. Whether you have Health Insurance coverage through your job, spouse, serving in the military, it is very critical in this day in age, a person to have some kind of coverage. There are many types of Insurance you may receive and different types of organizations, such as a Preferred Plan Organization, or Health Maintenance Organization. They type of Insurance you receive is your decision as well. The history of Health Insurance beings with its revolution in the late 1920’s through the 1930’s. The beginning of employer-sponsored health plans began as a result of World War II. With the growing demand increasing into the 1950’s, other insurance agencies†¦show more content†¦Needless to say, the population would be very sick and one fourth if not more, the size it is that we have today. There are many different types of coverage for health insurance, each having their own unique processes as well as reimbursement methods. Heath insurance coverage can either be offered by an employer, paid for monthly by beneficiary, or may be obtained through serving in the armed forces. Insurance can be categorized under as ether individual insurance or group insurance. With individual insurance only applies to the individual that’s enrolled in the policy and the individuals’ dependents. Individual insurance isn’t available through a group rate thus; premiums will be higher than if the individual had group insurance. Group insurance is a master policy that’s usually purchased by an organization or employer that that covers the employees as well as their dependents. The policyholder’s dependents are the spouse and children under a certain age. Group insurance usually offers lower premiums with better benefits. The different types of insurance coverage includes, hospital insurance, an indemnity plan or fee for service plan, hospital indemnity insurance, medical insurance, surgical insurance outpatient insurance, special risk insurance, major medical insurance, catastrophic insurance, short-term insurance, full-service insurance, long-term insurance,Show MoreRelatedThe Sixth Amendment: Providing Justice for Everyone Essay731 Words   |  3 Pagessentence. When the Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights, they believed that all Americans deserved rights which the British had not given them. The 6th Amendment provides many legal rights to United States citizens that protect them from being wrongly convicted of crimes. The 6th Amendment is the most important amendment in the Constitution of the United States. The 6th Amendment guarantees a person accused of a crime compulsory process, the right to present witnesses in his defense. The importanceRead MoreWhy Did The 14th Amendment Guarantees Equal Protection Under The Law?1092 Words   |  5 Pagesof the Obergefell v. Hodges (2015) case. This very important case involved â€Å"14 same-sex couples and two men whose same-sex partners are deceased† and the couples argued that the â€Å"state officials violated [their] 14th amendment by denying them the right to marry or to have marriages lawfully performed in another state given full recognition and also violated their equal protection Clause. The supreme court ruled for this case because in the 14th Amendment it clearly declares that all people shouldRead MoreThe Rights Of A Citizen1247 Words   |  5 PagesGod has given us privileges as being members of his church. We also know that because of that, we have responsibilities that trail along. Some may say, that what strengthens o ur relationship with Jesus may be the blessings that he gives us. Others may say that is it the duties that we need to obey because we have more respect and meekness in accomplishing these things. In American government, it is the same. Some may say that what strengthens our society is the rights that have been given to us byRead MoreThe Fifth Amendment Of The Constitution1009 Words   |  5 PagesThe sixth amendment of the constitution guarantees a criminal defendant trial by an impartial jury of their peers. Jury selection is a little more complex than sending out jury duty notices and going to trial, it has its own process to ensure all is fair. The Jury is a pertinent part of the judicial process and a key piece to upholding justice. Juries are selected from the general population; they are to be a representation of the people from that area. In trials with a jury, the first step is theRead MoreLegalization Of Same Sex Marriage1256 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Obergefell v. Hodges (2015). This very important case involved â€Å"14 same-sex couples and two men whose same-sex partners are deceased† in this case the couples argued that the â€Å"state officials violated [their] 14th amendment by denying them the right to marry or to have marriages lawfully performed in another state given full recognition and also violated their equal protection Clause.† The supreme court ruled in favor for this case because in the 14th Amendment it clearly declares that all peopleRead MoreCriminal Procedure Policy Paper1088 Words   |  5 PagesCrime Control Model The most important value of the crime control model is the repression of crime. Unless crime is controlled, the rights of citizens who abide by the law are not protected and the security of society will diminish. Crime control reflect conservative values, therefore the cause of crime is viewed as a breakdown of individual responsibility. Under the crime control model, police powers should be expanded to make it easier to investigate arrest, search and seize, and convictRead MoreEthical Dilemma Essay618 Words   |  3 Pagescommitted. * What is Roberts responsibility at this point? * Should he contact the police or warn the people whose house is about to be burglarized? * Is he bound by his commitment to not reveal any of the information he obtained, except in a scientific publication in a journal? Make sure to include specific material from the sociology Code of Ethics as part of the information you include in your analysis. You may find the Code of Ethics below: American Sociological Association: CodeRead More The Importance of Freedom of Expression in America Essay909 Words   |  4 Pagespeople definitely showed their discontentment. For these and many other reasons, American citizens should have absolute freedom of expression with no interference from the government. Expressions of hate can be tolerated, but become a responsibility of the government when they are acts inciting violence, such as hate crimes.   In the Supreme Court Case Brandenburg v. Ohio, the KKK leader Charles Brandenburgs rights of freedom of speech were violated. He gave a speech to a group of other Klan membersRead More`` Obamacare For Dummies `` Narrated By Keith Hughes1263 Words   |  6 Pagescovering the most vulnerable, 48 million Americans in the 21st Century do not have health insurance. The people on the far right will argue that free market capitalism is the best approach, allowing pure competition will drive down costs, and consequently this will allow more people to buy affordable health insurance, but not everyone agrees with this notion, the opposition believes that healthcare is a guarantee and not a responsibility, that is a right as a human being, therefore the government throughRead MoreA Democracy Is Built On The Foundation That The Citizens Or Elected Of ficials Participate955 Words   |  4 PagesTocqueville equated a lawyer’s influence to that of an aristocratic government. In an aristocratic government, those people considered as ‘elite’ or the ‘most able’ are given the responsibility of being the governing body. In our culture, he believed that lawyers are considered somewhat ‘elite’ because they have the advantage of being able to follow changing laws and understand precedents significantly better than the common person. This dynamic is somewhat self-created because the United States and England

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Soul’s Story The Use of Conceit in Marvell’s “On a Drop...

Poetry is a craft of near-paradox. Poets often say that they aim to encase the abstract within the concrete, describe without adjectives or adverbs, and expound upon concepts with the utmost concision. To meet these formidable challenges, they keep several important literary devices at their disposal, one of which is the conceit. Commonly defined as an elaborately extended metaphor, the conceit often allows poets to capture complicated ideas through comparison with images closer to readers’ everyday experiences. If the concept that the poet wishes to illustrate comes from the theological or philosophical fields, figurative language like the conceit can rescue the poet from didacticism as well as opacity. â€Å"On a Drop of Dew,† a short†¦show more content†¦Even in the second half of the poem, Marvell constructs every description of the soul to correspond with images of the dewdrop, thus rooting his story in the concrete and avoiding the overuse of abstrac t, sermon-like diction. In writing that the soul â€Å"[d]oes, in its pure and circling thoughts, express/The greater heaven in an heaven less† (25 – 26), Marvell plays on the word â€Å"circling† to recall his earlier description of the way the drop contains a piece of the sky in its round bead. This clever manipulation of words and images reinforces the concept of the soul’s retreat from the body as it attempts to avoid the corrupting influences of the flesh and to reestablish communion with the heavens. Further observations about the soul in the second half continually hearken back to parallel observations about the dewdrop. Declaring the soul â€Å"[d]ark beneath, but bright above:/Here disdaining, there in love,† Marvell connects the dark urges of the sinful body with the darkness of the flower petal beneath the dewdrop, the glories of heaven with the brightness of refracted sky-light (31 – 32). By anchoring every description in th e concrete, Marvell removes much of the mystery surrounding the concept of the soul and replaces it with a graceful portrayal of yearning. Marvell’s conceit involves several subordinate metaphors that help him relate

Natural Selection and North Carolina Free Essays

Natural Selection Case Study QuestionsName _______________________________ Part I 1. Which state has more plain clover? North Carolina 2. Which state has more striped clover? Minnesota 3. We will write a custom essay sample on Natural Selection and North Carolina or any similar topic only for you Order Now Which state has a warmer average temperature? North Carolina 4. Which state has more days of freezing temperatures? North Carolina 5. Which state has drier conditions? Minnesota 6. Which state has more mollusks? North Carolina Part II 7. Why are the two gene products that are needed to produce active cyanide stored in different parts of the cell? They are stored in different cells because one is covered in stripes which the striped clover contains cyanide while the other is plain which the plain clover don’t contains cyanide 8. What are two ways that the cells can be disrupted causing the two components to come together and produce active cyanide? 9. What would be the advantage of producing cyanide? It allows perennial plants to survive which it grow again in the spring 10. Is there any disadvantage to producing cyanide? Explain. Yes, It can be damage caused by freezing and plant eaters can harm plant cells 11. What do these results tell you about the interaction between the snails and the clover? 12. It takes extra energy to produce the white stripe in the clover. Why would a clover expend the extra energy to produce a stripe rather than using the energy for growth? It would expand the extra energy because of Fitness. Part III 13. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the plain clover in MN? Bacteria that produce vaccines and hormones 14. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the striped clover in MN? Crops that resist herbicides and diseases or contain natural pesticides 15. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the plain clover in NC? Plants which can be eaten as vaccines 16. Which factors might contribute to / or inhibit the growth of the striped clover in NC? Growth hormones to produce lager faster offsprings 17. Which factor do you think caused the most selection pressure on the clover population in MN? 18. Which factor do you think caused the most selection pressure on the clover population in NC? Part IV 19. Which type of clover will be more abundant in the shallow depressions? Why? Plain because it covers the area behind the oceanfront dunes 20. Which type of clover will be more abundant in on the hill and why? Stripes because water drains quickly How to cite Natural Selection and North Carolina, Essay examples

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YouVe Got Questions free essay sample

After his hiring as a new CEO the company lost its positions and the result was that share price dropped to a 3 year low level. Mr. David Edmondson neglects the Company ethics and than he was fired. The strange part of the story was that he received a huge worth for his job. After his management The RadioShack Code of Ethics was changed. The date was 21. 02. 2006 immediately after his leaving. This wind of change in company’s policy was a big step to turn back their customers. Question 1: Evaluate this situation from the viewpoint of David Edmondson’s ethical leadership. What could RadioShack have done differently? Answer 1: According to D. Edmondson the only thing that he has done wrong is that he lied about his educational background and also says that this is the only thing that he did not followed from the ethnical leadership. After the truth was revealed he did not try to hide or to deny it, and that issue can be consider as ethical behavior. We will write a custom essay sample on YouVe Got Questions or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Also he made an apology to the investors about the bad performance of the company and did not cover up his fault. However, Radio Shack could have done better and could have avoided this shameful situation. First, they have to investigate all their employees before hiring them in the company. Thus they would have understood that Edmondson did not have his two degrees and all of his educational background is just a scenario. Also they could have prevented themselves from losing more money by firing him at the moment and not paying him anything as compensation. As a conclusion I would say that the company could have done things first to avoid the uncomfortable situation that they fell into after hiring an uneducated employee and second to save money by not paying anything to a person who have deceived the company and ruined its reputation. Question 2: What stakeholders might be impacted by this situation? What concerns might each stakeholder have had? Was any of the stakeholders’ concern in conflict with each other? Explain. What impact might this have had on employees? Answer 2: Radio Shack is a company with many stakeholders that are interest mainly in the good performance of the company. A situation like that with David Edmondson could have a great influence on them. From the one side are the investors who might not be very satisfied, because the company can start losing money, customers, reputation, market share etc. They are interested in the good functioning of the company as they consider it as a lucrative vehicle. On the other side are the employees, who surely do not want to be managed by an uneducated person, but they are not capable of doing anything in order to change the situation. Last but not least are the customers that can stop buying the products after they learned about the fraud of the CEO. (although it is not very likely to happen just because nowadays people are more interested of the product itself that the company that is producing it). Bearing all this in mind we can say that the stakeholders can do almost nothing if a situation like that occurs just because they do not have the right and the power to interfere into the manager’s business, decisions and actions. Question 3: Do you think the board’s decision to fire Edmondson was â€Å"tough,† as Len Roberts suggested? Why or why not? Why do you think Mr. Roberts would have described this decision as such? Answer 3: In our opinion, the decision to fire Mr. Edmondson was not „toughâ€Å"under the circumstances that occurred. Mr. Edmondson already started at the RadioShack Corporation lying about his educational background. That is not a good precondition for being a responsible and exemplary top manager. When Mr. Edmondson became the new CEO of the company, flat sales and lagging stock prices occurred. On top of that, the RadioShack share prices were falling greatly right after the uncovering of his lies and underhandednesses. He apologized for making those mistakes and in order to make an improvement, the CEOs idea was to close a lot of stores. His behaviour violated the companys ethics. The main value of the company is to be responsible so as to create an environment that encourages employees to adapt the values of the company. He did not act according to the company’s slogan which shows that the management was not value-based. In general, Mr. Edmondson just failed to meet the companys standards by his unscrupulous behaviour. He has a lack of moral sense and the company does not permit or even encourage unethical practices. Top managers are role models which means that they have to set an example to their employees Although being socially responsible and ethical is a serious challenge nowadays, the company can not tolerate his performance. Besides that, it is very important for a company to be successful and Mr. Edmondson was not able to archive the goals. Therefore it was not such a tough decision as Len Roberts suggested. He probably said that because at first the broad was sure about selecting him as the new CEO of the RadioShack Corporation. But now they had to admit the mistake. Nobody wanted to be blamed by the society and so they pretend to still believe in Mr. Edmondsons work. They did not want to make the situation worse and loose more customers who have a huge impact on the company’s profits. Question 4: What impact do you think the company’s severance package to Mr. Edmondson might have? Answer 4: The company’s employees will be dissatisfied when a CEO who has lied about his background receives a severance package of over a million US dollars. This might lead to demotivated employees. Also the stockholders will not be happy to hear this. It’s their money which is being given away to a ‘’bad’’ person. In general the company’s image has been damaged. In the worst case this might lead to decrease of sales. Question 5: Could an organization ever prevent a situation like this from happening? Why or why not? What could you do? How could the company’s Code of Ethics play a role? Go to the company’s Web Site (www. radioshach. com) and take a look at its Code. Answer 5: An organization/company can and must prevent situations like this from happening! In every school, university or working place you can find a simple info for a person had been there. When some one wants to be accepted in a company the HR managers should not only check the CV and if it looks good to hire him. They are supposed to check on his past to see if he is telling the true in his CV and it is not such a big job. True sometimes is a few phone calls away. However a lot of organization do not check this information and hire people on a low position in the company only by CV. Later when the employee is dealing summarily with his job no one is asking questions about his education or his past, and on and on the story is getting closer to Mr. Edmondson’s. Every company can approach tactfully or directly for the information about their future employees and they should know every thing about their professional life and bad past. Question 6: In the March 2004 issue of Wired magazine, it reported that 44 percent of Americans lie about their work history. What’s your reaction to this statistic? What problems can lying on a resume create for an organization? Answer 6: The reaction which is appearing in my mind is all based on assumptions! People can lie because they want a job, want to work but with the background they have is not going to be easy to find a well paid job. You can lie because you are ashamed of your background. These are not the only reasons. An example for a person who does not have a education, but is very highly motivated to work is Mr. Edmondson a former CEO of RadioShack. He worked there for 12 years from the lower level to becoming a CEO of the company. After he get the CEO position a newspaper ran a story that he has a dirty past and he has not graduated school. You can lie even if you have an education and a good background. LIE – an act done for changing the true for a better and in a manner that will sound better.

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The Crown of Minos essays

The Crown of Minos essays There are different versions of the Greek myth of King Minos by Panocles. The Coop Theater Company performed the most famous version at the Black Box Theater on October 28. Writer, Director David Watkins, Jr.s adaptation of the Greek myth of King Minos and the Minotaur was great. Watkins production captured everything that helped the message of the play. The play starts by introducing King Minos (Ken MacFarlane). He was King of Crete. Minos was a tyrant who wouldnt listen to anyone. His wife Pasiphae (Annmarie Hehir) was the daughter of the sun god Helios and the oceanid Perse. Minos and Pasiphae with the help of a god had four sons Androgeus, Catreus, Deucalion and Glaucus. They also had four daughters Acalle, Xenodice, Ariadne and Phaedra. All their kids except Ariadne (Jen Eldridge), Phaedra (Christy Buchholz) and Androgeus (Morris Nash) died in the beginning of the play. Ariadne had a dream that Dionysus (Dante Salerno) came to her and was going to ask her to marry him. Dionysus was the god of wine, vegetation, pleasures, and of civilization. He gave her a ring, which she didnt tell anyone who it was from. King Minos was told of her dream and he got mad and started thinking that Dionysus was after him and his family. Ariadne was faithful to Dionysus waiting for the day he would come for her. One day, a dispute over the domination of Crete led Minos to pray to Poseidon for a creature to sacrifice to the sea god as a sign of his true kingship. Poseidon sent Minos, a beautiful white bull from the sea, which became known as the Cretan Bull. This confirmed that Minos was the true king. However, Minos found the bull so beautiful that he refused to sacrifice the bull to the sea god. Instead, Minos sacrificed a bull of poorer quality to Poseidon. Minos kept this great bull for breeding with his herd of cows. Poseidon punished Minos by making Pasiphae fall in love with the bull. Pasiphae had unco...

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Comparative and Superlative Forms Lesson Plan

Comparative and Superlative Forms Lesson Plan The similarity of certain grammar structures, such as conditional forms and linking language, lend themselves to teaching in larger chunks, rather than focusing on one form at a time. This is also true of the comparative and superlative forms. Introducing both the comparative and the superlative simultaneously students can begin speaking about a wide variety of subjects in a more natural form that makes more sense contextually. The correct use of the comparative and superlative forms is a key ingredient when students are learning how to express their opinion or make comparative judgments. The following lesson focuses on first building understanding of the structure - and of the similarity between the two forms - inductively, as most students are at least passively familiar with the forms. The second phase of the lesson focuses on using the comparative and superlative forms actively in a small group conversation. Aim: Learning the comparative and superlative Activity: Inductive grammar learning exercise followed by small group discussion Level: Pre-intermediate to intermediate Lesson Outline Activate students awareness of the comparative and superlative by comparing three objects of your choice. For example, compare life in the US, the country where you are teaching and another country of your choice.Ask students questions based on what you have told them.Have students pair up and ask them to complete the first exercise on the worksheet.Based on their completion of the first task, ask students to give you the rules for the construction of the comparative form. You will probably have to point out that a three letter word following the CVC (consonant : big - biggerHave students complete the second exercise on the worksheet.Based on their completion of the second task, ask students to give you the rules for the construction of the superlative form. Make sure that students are aware of the similarities in construction between the two forms.Have students get into small groups of three to four and choose one of the topic headings for their group. Ask groups to then decide on three objects in the topic area to compare and contrast verbally.Have students write five to ten sentences based on their conversation using the comparative and superlative forms. It might be useful to ask them to write a specific amount of both comparative and superlative sentences. Exercises Read the sentences below and then give the comparative form for each of the adjectives listed.​ Tennis is a more difficult sport than Rugby.I think John is happier now than a year ago.Could you open the window, please? Its getting hotter in this room by the minute.interesting ___________weak ___________funny ___________important ___________careful ___________big ___________small ___________polluted ___________boring ___________angry ___________ Read the sentences below and then give the superlative form for each of the adjectives listed. New York has got to be the most exciting city in the world.His biggest desire is to return home.She is probably the angriest person I know.interesting ___________weak ___________funny ___________important ___________careful ___________big ___________small ___________polluted ___________boring ___________angry ___________ Choose one of the topics below and think of three examples from that topic, e.g. for sports, examples are football, basketball and surfing. Compare the three objects. CitiesSportsWritersFilmsInventionsCars