Monday, November 18, 2019

Assignment 3 Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Assignment 3 - Movie Review Example Thus, youths in The Outsiders join gangs in self defense. What crime activity they did? Youth in The Outsiders committed a myriad of crimes, all of which can be best defined by two basic activities of crime, namely the shoplifting and manslaughter. How we respond to Gang activity? Gang activity can be responded to by providing the defenseless children with protection and security. Much of the violence greasers are exposed to is because of their poverty. Thus, providing the poor children with facilities and doing charity work are some ways in which we can respond to the gang activity. Colors Why did the youth join the Gang? In the movie Colors, the leader of the Hispanic gang discloses to the cop that he would not like his younger brother to join a gang when he is grown up. The leader regrets being the way he is and would not like to see his younger brother in his boots taking into consideration all that happened to him in the past. In spite of this, the younger brother imitates the e lder brother and cultivates a desire to be like him, and ultimately he becomes a member of a gang just like the Hispanic leader did one day. Thus, the younger brother joins gang because of his elder brother’s association with one. Had the elder brother not been part of a gang, the younger might not have opted to be part of one as well.

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